About Us

exitea T-shirts by Pam is a company that was birthed with the idea that everyone has a voice including me and it's a voice that deserves to be heard. I wanted an outlet for others including me to be able to express the uniqueness and essence of who we are and who the Creator is. There are various opportunities to express these opinions and one way is by being a walking billboard of self expression by wearing something as basic and simple as a T-shirt.

Who doesn't love wearing a T-shirt that is unique, quirky, funny, edgy or leads to contemplation or a conversation starter. Most people absolutely love wearing T-shirts that are stylish and attention getters, thought provoking and edgy. 

I recently accomplished my personal goal of visiting all 50 states and throughout my journey I became even more aware of the power of wearing T-shirts that are quirky, funny, educational and/or edgy. A unique, funny, edgy or provocative T-shirt is an invitation for compliments and conversation.

Turning something as ordinary as a T-shirt into something extra ordinary that allows the wearer of the brand to be bold, to be visible, to be heard and express the essence of who they are and/or the essence of who our Creator is, is truly the heart of exitea T-shirts..

As a practicing licensed clinical professional counselor/therapist  my passion for a long time has been to improve the quality of life of people, to help others live their best life. As a woman of faith I desire to help others live the best and blessed life Now. 

The mission of exitea T-shirts is to spread joy, encourage and uplift, inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more and be more; be all that God created us to be. 

The vision of exitea is to plant seeds of hope, optimism, generate laughter and smiles and quiet or not so quiet contemplation and challenge the status quo and make a difference in a world where so many feel sad, unloved, confused, hopeless, directionless and powerless.

exitea T-shirt promises to provide quality T-shirts that inspire and encourage. You will feel good about wearing them and you will feel good about being seen in them. Do what you were created to do and be who you were created to be. Live out loud. Be bold. Be seen. Be heard. The future is today. What are you waiting for, go shopping at exitea T-shirts by Pam and buy a T-shirt or two and make the world a better place by being a walking billboard spreading positive vibes!